Freedom To Glide

A landmark year for us, 2020 marks the decade that has seen Freedom To Glide grow from a seed of an idea within a chance conversation into a tour de force of music and media production. We are Andy Nixon & Pete Riley and our trilogy of albums, RAIN, FALL & SEED are the result of a passion to tell the stories and somehow get to the core of what it means to live within the shadow of war. Our chance conversation in 2010 led to the realisation that we were each intending to write something to mark the 2014 Centenary of the beginning of World War One. It was clear from our combined skill sets and our mutual enthusiasm that we had a chance to exceed our individual expectations and so our collaboration began. We could do everything ‘in-house’, audio, video, production, artwork, promotion and every other element required to get Freedom To Glide out to the world! By 2012 we’d released ‘Rain EP’ and six track mini album ‘The Wait’. Our intentions to treat our subject matter with the respect it demanded were clear to all and both releases were received with glowing reviews. Inspired, we forged ahead with our first full album.



We released our award winning debut album RAIN in 2013. We were knocked out by the attention RAIN received! It was affirmation that our passion for our art and our approach to the subject were well placed. By this time we’d already made the decision to create a trilogy of albums to mark the 100 years since the outbreak of that most horrendous time in our history, World War One.

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Our Releases


Our second album in the trilogy FALL was released in 2016. With a much broader view point FALL encompasses the entire 100 years following WW1 and deals with such subjects as Far East prisoners of war, Alan Turin, The Russian Revolution, PTSD and military funeral repatriations. FALL, with our now well-established musical identity spans a century of war.

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In 2019 we released the conclusive album of our trilogy SEED, a sharply focused and deeply personal concept album based around one man’s experience of 1918 – the final year of World War 1. Creating a character for this album turned out to be an incredibly emotional experience. He is of course inspired by a whole raft of literature, poetry and first hand accounts but also by our own family connections. Focusing on one man’s experience of World War One seemed the perfect approach. We wanted to open a door into history and have the listener right there. The story of SEED is the result of that search to somehow get to the core of what it means to live within the shadow of war.

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Stay tuned…

Our entire discography to date: Rain EP (2012), The Wait (2012), RAIN (2013), Sick To Death EP (2014), FALL (2016) and SEED (2019) are a tribute to the fallen and everyone affected by a century of war.

With the trilogy now complete, Freedom To Glide are currently working on new music, what direction this will take is yet to be seen, so the f2g story continues…

Freedom To Glide – April 2020