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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy Freedom To Glide physical releases?

    If you’d like to buy direct from the Freedom To Glide then you’ll find all our releases in both high quality digital and CD formats on our Bandcamp site.

    Alternatively, you can purchase our CDs online from Amazon, Burning Shed, Just For Kicks and many other retail sites. Downloads are available on iTunes, Amazon and most usual retail download sites.

    How long have Freedom To Glide been making music?

    Pete and Andy met when Andy joined the award winning Pink Floyd tribute band Dark Side Of The Wall as lead guitarist in 2004. Over the following years their friendship grew they eventually started to collaborate in 2010. Freedom To Glide was born and they released their first set of music with the Rain EP on the 16th of May 2012.

    Where did the name Freedom To Glide come from?

    The subject matter of the music we were writing deserved an equally distinctive and suitable band name. Our ethos is based around peace and understanding, the name was carefully thought out to reflect this and so Freedom To Glide was chosen. ‘Freedom’, because that’s what everyone deserves and ‘To Glide’ because even if you don’t have that freedom, you can dream of it and strive toward it peacefully.

    Will f2g play live?

    We have always written our music with live performance in mind. It is very high on our list of where f2g will be directing our energy in the future. Both Andy and Pete are performing artists and have individually played in numerous bands over their careers. Playing live is in their blood.

    Will there be more conflict themed music from f2g or are they looking to change the theme of their new music?

    In our minds, there is still so much to say about war and conflict, we have a few ideas to follow up on, but equally we have new ideas for other subjects we feel passionate about. Music is an amazing catalyst for voicing your passion, this will most definitely continue in many forms, so watch this space…

    Who produces Freedom To Glide’s videos?

    The simple answer to this is, we do. We storyboard, direct, film, edit and produce all of our videos. As our music always has a narrative and message, we feel we can only do this justice if we produce the visual elements to this with the freedom of self-expression. We feel the music needs to be seen in a cinematic style, so that is why we have produced them as almost short films and not the usual ‘band playing to the audience’ style. You may have noticed that we have never actually appeared in our own videos so far.

    Who produces the designs for the CD’s cover art?

    Again, we do this too. We feel that the visual elements to our music are as important as the music itself. Bringing images together with the music is essential, though we may give the listener a heads up on the imagery, a lot of the time, we love to leave the audience to their own devices and let their imaginations take the lead as they listen to our lyrics and music as there are sometimes many ways to interpret a message within an individual song or album.